How they work !

 *** First you need to create a free account on this website ***

How to recharge Electricity.

Please note *** Electricity Voucher PIN number will be delivered by SMS to get electricity

Ensure that you have the electricity meter unique 11 digits meter number: 01 3261 8107 6 in this example


  • Enter recipient phone and meter number

  • Select denomination to send

  • Both sender and recipient will receive the 20 digits PIN by SMS

  • Recipient enters the 20 digits PIN on the meter to pay for



Ensure that you have the PLN account unique 12 digit account number. Example: 546800060938

  • Select (Bill Payment)

  • Enter recipient phone and 12 digit PLN account ID

  • View bill amount

  • Both sender and recipient will receive a payment confirmation by SMS

How to Send a Grocery Voucher.


Please note,  Grocery voucher: a PIN voucher number is delivered by SMS

  • Enter the recipient mobile number

  • Select voucher’s value

  • Review and confirm payment

A PIN code will be sent to the sender and recipient via SMS

Before shopping, the recipient needs to exchange the SMS voucher for a physical voucher by showing the PIN code to the cashier

The voucher’s value will be deducted off the total bill


Information: A 9- 16 characters PIN code will be sent to both the recipient and sender via SMS. The recipient needs to present the PIN code to the cashier and the voucher’s value will be deducted off the total bill.

Terms and Conditions: 2 months validity. No refund and no cashback. The voucher must be redeemed in full value.

How to recharge a DATA BUNDLE


  • Enter the recipient mobile phone to reload

  • Select bundle

  • Provide sender phone number to receive a confirmation message

  • Sender and recipient will receive a confirmation SMS.

How can I send a WIFI/ Nauta recharge ?

To recharge your permanent Nauta access account:

  1. Go to recharge as normal and select Cuba in the country list

  2. Enter your permanent Nauta access email address

  3. . Select the amount you wish to top-up and Proceed to Payment

Please note:

  • Nauta is a public WiFi service available in Cuba. This service is designed for cell phones that support data transfer services where coverage is available.

  • Paydez can only recharge permanent Nauta access accounts with an email address ending in or

  • Recharge amounts must be 10 CUC or higher

  • Nauta top-ups will expire 330 days after the top-up date (Cuban Time). Customers will then have an additional 30 days to make another top-up.


Transportation Top-up: reload the MPESO card in real-time!

Each MPESO card has 8 digits ID number: 0037 5000 in this example


  • Enter recipient phone and MPESO card ID number

  • Select denomination to send

  • Both sender and recipient will receive the confirmation SMS

Recipient will receive the balance in his MPESO card immediately


Name:: MPESO

Product:: Delivered amount is in local currency (NIO). Value range from $1 to $50.

Information: Similar to airtime, top-ups are delivered in real-time

Senders provide the 8 digits MPESO card ID number

MPESO card prepaid balance will be reloaded in local currency

Terms and Conditions: No expiration date, no refunds, no cash back, the entire amount must be used for TUC transit only.

Client Stories

Mrs Roberts

This is my first time of using Paydez to send a recharge to relatives in Nigeria. It’s awesome, very quick and very easy to use as well.

Mrs Roberts
Mr Harry Kumar

This service surpassed my expectations when I used it to recharge my DTH and the transaction was efficiently completed within a few seconds to India.

Mr Harry Kumar
Ms Altagracia

I am from Dominican Republic and recharge my phone from USA. I check my balance CLARO online, the credit was already there.

Ms Altagracia

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